Encourage Positive Pupil Behaviour in the Dining Room

March 16, 2018

High noise levels can create a chaotic and even intimidating space, especially for younger diners. Rather than blowing whistles and shouting, dining room staff can now use our fun ‘Noise-O-Meter’ to help keep noise to an acceptable level.  

Dimensions: A: 700mm x 355mm B: 400mm x 600mm



Make lunch time a more enjoyable experience for all by reminding your pupils of how they should be behaving while in the dining room.

Dimensions: A1 (594mm x 841mm)


Choose up to eight of the following standards to feature on your board: 
1. We stand in line quietly
2. We remember to say please and thank you
3. We always show respect to staff in the dining room
4. We use our knife, fork and spoon correctly
5. We never talk when there is food in our mouth
6. We talk quietly to the people near us
7. We put our hand up if we need help
8. We don’t make work for others by leaving a mess
9. We carry our food and drink carefully
10. We always wash our hands before eating
11. We never run in the dining hall
12. We stay in our seat and face the table
13. We keep our food on the plate
14. We swallow our food before leaving




Our Noise-O-Meter and Behaviour Standards Boards are available in two attractive styles and, if purchased together are available for only… £80.00




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