School Meals Marketing Support for Education Caterers

Too Busy Delivering Your School Meals Service to Promote It Effectively?

There is a vast array of stakeholders associated with any school meals service – pupils, parents, business managers, head teachers, teaching staff, governors, dining room and kitchen staff, catering managers, nutritionists and local and national politicians and press.

Each has both a view about, and the power to influence, the success of your meals service. Each is continually bombarded with hard-hitting media messages. Consequently, it is no longer sufficient to simply provide a strong product and service and simply hope that they will choose to support you. Elygra specialise in School Meals Marketing and are here to help!

Marketing, Audit, Consultancy and Support- Elygra Marketing Services
Marketing, Audit, Consultancy and Support- Elygra Marketing Services

Don’t risk being taken for granted.

Clients not regularly reminded of the reasons that you should remain their number one choice for catering services are often more open to approach by your competitors. Don’t let the daily demands on your precious time give them the advantage!

Need to evidence that you are consistently providing the service that your customers deserve? That they are regularly receiving ‘added value’? Looking for advice on how to develop or better promote your service at an individual or group of schools? Call 01244 399900.

All the assistance you need is just a phone call away.

To be effective, promotional campaigns must be attention-grabbing, cohesive, well thought out and presented. Whether you’re looking for support for parents’ evenings, want to undertake an objective service audit or productivity review, require a one-off consultation or need longer-term strategic collaboration, we offer a wide range of innovative and exciting promotional marketing materials and services to suit your specific needs.

Marketing, Audit, Consultancy and Support- Elygra Marketing Services
  • Productivity reviews
  • Ongoing telephone support service
  • SLA negotiation
  • Contract monitoring and service health checks
  • Market research
  • Comms plans
  • New pupil starter packs
  • Food tasting stations
  • Leaflets and brochures
  • Posters and menus
  • Parents evening/open day kits

Elygra – A Welcome Addition to Your Management Team

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