Dining Room Accessories

All You Need to Create the Calm, Orderly Lunchtimes Preferred by Schools.

The requirement to serve a high number of customers within a short space of time can often lead to a somewhat chaotic environment. We have all the products you need to help you increase dining room efficiency every lunchtime.

Elygra Marketing Services
Elygra Marketing Services
  • Brightaway self service salad counters* – Reduce demand at the main servery and encourage increased uptake of vegetables.
  • Brightaway cutlery/tray collection stations* – Mix n match our collection combinations to create your perfect unit.
  • Brightaway – meal display units* – Reduce uncertainty and speed up the selection process. Lets your customers see in advance, exactly what the meal looks like on the plate.
  • Brightaway waste and return points* – Recycle versions available
  • Brightaway till units
  • Queueing barriers/room dividers – Built to withstand the busiest of dining rooms. Floor-fixed or free-standing. Available in a range of sizes. Choose from a range of colours and frames or add your own logo or design
  • Noiseometers – manage noise levels without resorting to blowing whistles or halting activity. Choice of sizes available. Facility to add your own logo.
  • Wristbands – Robust and hygienic, our wristbands are available in two sizes and seven colours.

*Some Brightaway units are designed as table top units, whilst others are floor standing – floor-standing being generally available in primary or secondary school pupil heights. There is a range of colourways and finishes available to support your own brand or dining room design.

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