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We all know the actions we should be doing to develop and promote our school meals service, and very often, we’ve got most of the skills we need to do them well. The one resource we don’t have however, is time. The reality is that the demands of daily service delivery mean that many non-urgent, but important,  tasks end up getting relegated to the bottom of the pile and addressed last minute. Consequently, the end result can be underwhelming and not as effective as it could have been.

At Elygra, we understand the specific challenges and constraints experienced by our colleagues in the education catering industry. That’s why we’ve devised a whole range of products and services designed to make your life that little bit easier while at the same time, securing the results you want.

Whether in need of dining room refurbishment, print and design, staff training, new ideas to increase the appeal of your service, bespoke promotional support or simply looking to grow your business – contact Elygra for professional, friendly and effective support. We have a team of school meals specialists ready to help.

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