We say, ban scruffy notices, drawing pins and sellotape.  


Make sure your signage and menu boards reflect the professionalism of your organization or school. Is your dining room a pleasant

place to be? Would you go there if you were a paying customer and had any choice in the matter?  


Beautify your space  


Creating an attractive dining room is much less expensive that you might think. Just a little dressing can go a long way. Furthermore, the addition of effective signage can assist pupil management and help to create a calm, pleasant user-friendly space that will not intimidate even the youngest of pupils. Whether you prefer bright and colourful or calm and sophisticated, whether you are looking for an infant, junior or secondary school scheme, we are the leading experts in school dining room branding and refurbishment, creating stunning schemes for both single and multi-use areas.  


Elygra Education Catering Solutions – Creating your perfect dining room - user-friendly spaces that pupils will love.

Giving your customers the dining space they deserve

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Mobile, lightweight clearing and collection units for school dining rooms.

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